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LabM - is a platform for pathology labs to track and manage equipment performance, equipments tasks and equipment maintainence 


How Do We Make Your Life Easier? 

Lot to Lot Variation

Equipment Comparison

Internal & External QC

Equipment Maintenance & Performance


Manage all lab audit tasks

Place trained biomedical engineer in your hospital or seek our on demand expert support for your machine breakdown calls. Track progress towards a resolution, manage part order, rate service quality using the Vaidyutaka interface. Track all breakdown realted analytics in one go.

Track Equipment Performance & Maintainence

Build work orders to perform periodic maintenance on machines. Notify service providers of maintenance due date and keep up to date records of all preventive work completed on the equipments. Complete flexibility in maintenance schedule & frequency.

Unit Level Analytics and Economics

Track all key parameters of equipment effectiveness. Number of breakdown calls, service rating, preventive maintainence calendar, equipment lifecycle cost and many more key metrics are tracked to give you the complete picture of any equipment

Connect your equipments to a smart network of service provider

Vaidyutaka gives you the means get service support from variety of service providers that are pre-checked and pre-verified by Vaidyutaka. Our service sourcing platform gives you the flexibility to minimize costs with the assurance of a great service experience.

Move away from Excel to manage your equipments


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